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Exfoliating facial in langley, glowing skin facial in langley

Where beauty meets relaxation 


Welcome to Belle Aesthetic
where beauty meets relaxation 

We specialize in advanced facial treatments tailored to rejuvenate and enhance your natural glow .

Here at Belle Aesthetic , we take pride in delivering a serene experience, delivering results and making sure our clients feel confident in their skin .

Belle Aesthetic, Your Haven for Skin Care Treatments

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Exclusively Tailored Treatments

At Belle Aesthetic, we believe in a personalized approach to skincare. Our wide array of treatments are meticulously designed and hand-picked to suit your individual needs, granting your skin the care it truly deserves.

Through a unique combination of advanced technology and hands-on expertise, our dedicated team delivers results that not only meet, but exceed expectations. Experience transformative beauty care beyond the surface.

Industry-Leading Techniques

Expert Beauty Consultants

Personalized Skin Care Plans

Personalized Skin Care Plans



Tailored for Your Unique Skin Care Requirements

Exfoliating facial in langley, glowing skin facial in langley


Introducing our exclusive Customized Facial Treatment, a luxurious and personalized experience designed to address your unique skincare concerns and rejuvenate your complexion to its utmost radiance.

Exfoliating facial in langley, glowing skin facial in langley


We offer Microdermabrasion where it exfoliates the skin and thickens your collagen and evens out your complexion.

Exfoliating facial in langley, glowing skin facial in langley


Chemical peels uses a solution where it removes the old skin cells on the epidermis which reveals a more youthful skin underneath.

Exfoliating facial in langley, glowing skin facial in langley


This treatment is the easiest way to remove unwanted hair on your face. It gently scrapes away "peach fuzz" and removes build up of dead skin cells proving a smoother and more even complexion.

Exfoliating facial in langley, glowing skin facial in langley


This treatments tricks your skin into thinking it's going in to trauma so in- response your skin will produce new collagen and the cell turnover will be faster.

Exfoliating facial in langley, glowing skin facial in langley


Brow lamination is a great option for those who want a low-maintenance solution to help enhance their brows. It is a “brow texturizing treatment” that enhances your natural eyebrows. It re-shapes and sets the brows into a more lifted, smoother and refined shape resulting in a fuller, more defined look. The treatment can also help to tame unruly or overgrown brows, and can last for several weeks.

Exfoliating facial in langley, glowing skin facial in langley


Lash lift is a procedure that involves lifting the lashes from the root, creating a more lifted and lengthened look. The result is a natural-looking curl that enhances the appearance of the eyes and provided a fuller and more dramatic appearance.

Exfoliating facial in langley, glowing skin facial in langley


Lash tint is a process of coloring the lashes to make them appear darker and fuller. This is usually done after the lash lift procedure, to further enhance the dramatic effect.


Karren Sabang

Ruby is so amazing!! She's so knowledgeable and she personalize your facial to your skincare needs. She makes the whole experience so relaxing and comfortable. My face felt so good and glowy after my treatment. Loved it so much! Can't wait to do it again! 

If you are looking to have a good time and get the best facial , Ruby is amazing!

Adrienne R

Belle Aesthetic , where do I start ? Amazing services all-around . Ruby was kind , gentle and informative .So many adaptations were made to my treatments due to travel and a wedding event. She knew exactly what my skin needed, without overdoing it. Her knowledge about each product was phenomenal and it helped to know what each was used for and key ingredients, Already thinking of my next visit back,

Would highly recommend Bell Aesthetic over and over .

Chantal Krystine 

Ruby is wonderful! . She is very knowledgeable and passionate about what she does, and she wants to provide her clients with a relaxing experience , as well as making them feel and look their best .

I will definitely visit Bell Aesthetics for my Facials!

Who's Behind the Brand

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At the heart of Belle Aesthetic , you'll find the radiant soul behind our passion for skincare- Ruby , the owner and your dedicated skincare specialist with over 7 years of experience in the med spa industry .

With a commitment to nurturing and enhancing your skin's natural beauty , Ruby brings a wealth of expertise and a genuine desire to make your skin care journey an indulgent and transformative experience .

She combines her extensive knowledge of dermatological treatment with a keen eye for detail, ensuring each client receives personalized care tailored to their unique skin concerns .

Whether you are seeking a refreshing facial targeted treatment for specific skin issues , or simply a moment of relaxation and pampering , Ruby is dedicated to helping you achieve your skin care goals with confidence and grace.

Step into her world at Belle Aesthetic, where expertise meets elegance, and let Ruby guide you towards a brighter, more radiant you


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